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Mother died ex-wife wants her stuff

Unfortunately, my mother recently died from complications from emphysema. She wanted to move closer to both me and my children. I am divorced but was friends with my ex in that I'd go over there for dinner on occassion and stay and watch some tv with them. I told my mother this and she decided to move up in to my ex-wifes places since she has the extra room. I still pay the mortgage there and it will be split when the kids get of age. My mom died after living there only 12 days. Very sad stuff for us all. My mom had some nice old hardwood furniture that was actually my grand parents. They don't make stuff like that any more. I consider it family heirlooms, a car and some money in her bank account as well as some other things. In the big scheme of things not an awfull lot. After my mom died, my ex did a 180 and decided to lay claim to all her stuff and be very negative towards me, saying terrible things about my relationship with my mom, which was not true. My ex is driving my moms car, a honda civic, because she doesn't want to drive her suv. Also she took my mothers queen size tempurpedic mattress (the one she dies in) and put it in her room and gave my daughter her queen. I'm her only son and legal heir. As of today, I'll be named the executor of her estate. My question is, how long and what process will I need to do if she decides not to give me my mothers belongings. She had stated that they were gifts.Will I have to back to probate to force her to give me my moms stuff? If so, what documents do I need to fill out? Also, how long does this process take?

TIA and this forum has been extremely helpfull during this time. THANKS to all involved.

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