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Modifications when working under the table

My ex husband filed a petition for modification in 2008 to lower his child support payments to $200/wk based on his income.

I did not make it to the court date due to a family emergency (my father had a heart attack) and the judge lowered the support payments to $41/wk based on a false income, which is significantly higher, given by my ex.

I then, filed a reconsideration with the court based on what I actually make and it was denied.

I work under the table as a babysitter approx 28 hours a week. Can I file a modification request through DOR based on my income without paying income taxes or do I need to have proof of income (tax returns, paycheck stubs) to do this?
I can photocopy the paychecks I receive if that is all that is needed. I just do not want to file a modification in court, just to have it denied because I did not have the proper documentation.

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