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medical malpractice

I am trying to find out if the statue of limitations for medical malpractice if there are mitigating circumstances. Fifteen years ago a nieghbors of mine was being treated for diverticulitis. I worked as a diet tech where my nieghbors came to see gastroenterologist.In early 2001 my neighbor had some gastroenterologist issues and was being treated for diverticulitis. It was spring I believe.We spoke about this and how she met my supervisor, the dietician, who was also a friend.Shortly after our first conversation, (six weeks) my daughter informed me my nieghbors had just delivered sad news to her children, she had colon cancer and it was so advanced she wouldn't survive. I think it was late summer.She passed on New Years Eve of that year.
In Early 2002, my friend the dietitian asked me to come in office .She told me she had something to tell me of importance and very private.She told me she was up on 4th floor and she observed the staff rushing around fairly nervous due to presence of JACO in hospital.They were trying to screen patients records that would possibly draw attention from of records belonged to my nieghbor.She then said after what she saw she thought I should tell her husband to acquire her records asap and possibly let a lawyer review.
I did this not once but twice.first time I told him he was still grieving pretty significantly, (spring 2002) I again approached him about 6 months later.He didn't show any interest, he had just found out he was terminal himself with leukemia.
I didn't give further thought until recently when my daughter began speaking to the deceased woman's youngest.She still lives in house but is waiting for bank to take it. I was under the impression the house and debts were paid after her mother's passing.Her mother did not have a will, the children (4), did receive a trust fund set up when they were infants.House is still in deceased name. The daughter living there is 30 yrs boys going for her B.S. in early childhood. Her Mom was a special needs teacher at Barnstable High.
So I decided to tell Rachel about the questions concerning her mother.She had no idea that anything might have been wrong with her Mom's quick.pasding other than she remembers her Mom taking medicine for diverticulitis and complaining it didn't do a damn thing.Then sadly she remembers her Mom telling them all she had limited time
My question is basic, is it too much time when the children weren't informed by stepfather?

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