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Massachusetts Homeowners Association

My HOA is not getting a quorum at their annual meetings, but falsely claiming they are.

What can be done?

Also, the BOD unilateraly changed the Bylaws to allow themselves the power to fine.
The documents allow unilateral changes, but this goes FAR beyond what I ever agreed to!

The Association took an immigrant resident to court, collected $6K in fines and legal fees, 4 month PRIOR to the documents being ammended.

They are totally out of control, what can be done?

Please don't say "go to meetings". If you go and say anything against the HOA board, you are shouted down and berated by the board or the few fanatic sycophants.

Hence, no one goes, hence the quorum problem.

Is there anything to be done?

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Sorry about your situation.  Although there is little law in Massachusetts regulating homeowners associations, they are required to operate in a manner that is consistent with the documents that created them and granted their powers, such as bylaws. So, there are rules that must be followed.  The hard part, as your question suggests, is getting them to follow the rules.  I know nobody likes to hire a lawyer, but the expense of paying for the attorney's time can be split among a group of concerned residents.  It sounds to me like your HOA is dysfunctional, to say the least.  Sometimes, a stern letter from an attorney is enough to convince people to change their ways.  Good luck.

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