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Massachusetts Condominum Law

My husband and I own a Townhous. The original builder was foreclosed upon. The lending bank took the property over at auction and now are "the condo association". They recently called a conference call, on a Thursday night, to inform owners that their condominium fees were being raised 50% per month and the new fees started two and 1/2 days later on Sunday, the first of the month. Is there a M.G.L. concerning Condominiums that states the association would have to give all owners at least thirty day notice?

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Sorry, Folks, but condo law is not my specialty. Even if it was, in large part, this is probably more of an issue of what your condo docs say, rather than an issue of MA law. Depending on how many owners are effected, I would consider pooling resources and consulting with an attorney who does this type of work. I guaranty you that the bank is doing that.

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