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Mass lemon law private sale. As is

I recently bought a car from a seller who's add stated the car was in good running order an that he lowered the price because he lost unemployment and needed the cash. I paid 2000 for a 2001 audi s4. V6 bi turbo. The add stated car had 200k miles. Really car had 240k miles. Seller kept staying the car was perfect it just had high mileage. Anyways the car died 3 days later. Seller kept saying it was perfect. I did a car fax and it showed up salvage title. Stolen twice , Milege rolled back twice, and 2 major crashes. With failed emissions and failed safety. When I asked the Seller about past history I should know about he told me there was no bad history. And car was perfect. He also told me and I have all his text msgs. Say that the red r sticker is just for all cars with 200 plus k miles.. I found out later that was a lie, and the Seller told me just get a new red sticker each month. . I asked around n was told if I she him.. he'll have. To pay triple damages and or fix the car so it passes??

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