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Management Company Sold My Apartment Building


I have been living in a property company managed building in Boston for the last 3+ years. About 3 months ago, they let us know that they had sold the property to a private owner. I have read that they are under no legal obligation to have told us but 2 questions.

1.) The new owners are trying to evict one of our neighbors to have either the new owner or his son move in. Is that legal?

2.) The previous management company was aware that I have 4 small dogs. Our lease states we have 1 dog but we had maintenance men come in and our of our unit and it was never a problem. No one ever complained about noise or anything like that.

Now that the owner wants to move into our building we wanted to know if we can be evicted since on our lease it says 1 dog. We would be willing to move out if it comes to that but could they make us pay rent on the unit until they find a new tenant?

So far dealing with the new owners has been a nightmare....a lot of things are breaking down and they are rude and don't want to fix anything so getting out of here might be a blessing.

Thanks for any help!!

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