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Management Company not fixing living conditions violating tenant rights

5 weeks ago, I came home after a weekend away to my basement apartment that was partially flooded--about an inch of water in 2' x 2' area of my hallway carpet. It took 9 days for management company to clean up. A week later, there was a softball-sized amount of water in the same spot, so I called management company to say that the water wasn't a big deal, but the problem definitely wasn't fixed. They called a plumber who told me a probably just spilled water, and management company came over and cleaned with paper towels. 3 days later, the spot was flooded again, as I predicted. During this time, all my clothes and bed etc are smelling like gross old carpet. I also have a dog and it is impossible for him to avoid walking over this area and tracking this water throughout the apartment. They cleaned it up, told me it was my shower (how could it be my shower when it first flooded while I was away?) and had someone put plastic under the rug and replace the shower lining with new grout. This was not the issue, and now I have a 4'x4' area that is flooded and has been for 4 days.

What can I do to fix this situation? It's clearly spelled out in MA Tenant Rights that this is considered unlivable conditions and I can withold my rent, which I have. But, I really just need it fixed ASAP. I don't want to threaten too harshly because I'm about to move into another building on 9/1 with the same management company. However, this truly is unlivable.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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It does not matter who you are dealing with, management agent or the landlord, the process to get the landlord to make repairs is the same.  If they will not fix it, call inspectional services or the health department in your town or city.

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