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I am a 47 year old female that had heal pain after running I went to several doctors and then was told I should see a bone specialist for a bone spur on my right heal. I did that after seeing the specialist he told me I had calcifacation at the insertion of the Achilles tendon and a slight tear in my plantar fascia. He also told me I had hunglands deformity. He scheduled surgery on I believe Febuary 20 or 21st of 2012. Right after the surgery I was in terrible pain and told the nurse before I left she told me this is normal and the meds they gave me were not going to take all the pain away. I went to see the surgeon approximately 10 days for my scheduled visit. When he took off the cast he had placed on my foot there was nothing but black and this weird blister looking area around the incision. His look on his face told it all. He said everything was fine but I knew something was wrong. He put me back in my boot and told me to come back in a week a few days later I started taking pictures I thought something was wrong I told him the pain had not subsided. And he said this is normal. After a couple of weeks he took the stitches out and said I was cleared to bathe and go in the pool. I had told him I was going to California on a trip and could I go in the hot tub he said why not evrything is closed no draining. But I noticed the blister looking area was bigger. He said you might have some tissues slump off and we will see how it goes. I went to California and I did go in the or tub once but when I came out the incision area did not look right and by the time I left it had started to drain a little. I went for my scheduled apointment and he said there is dead tissue he took a pair of sissors and cut a very small piece off and said we will see how it goes to make a very long story shorty it was months later I had to see another doctor because the infection I got from the pressure wound put me in the hospital and he still would not debread it. After seeing a new doctor who debread it it healed with two skin grafts in no time I am now left with terrible nerve pain. The surgeon who did it said to me I should not have gone in the hot tub the new doctors said it had nothing to do with that. Today I am left with pain and I can't walk as well or as long on my feet to complete a day. My question is do I have a case against him so he can't do this again?

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