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MA Septic Installation by Seller After Title V Failure

In trying to keep this a short, rather than a long real estate purchase nightmare that it’s been from day one, I will ask the following main legal question we have:

When we viewed this house for sale and when we signed the MAssachusetts P&S agreement, the topography of the backyard was flat with the original system. However, the Title V failed & seller had to install a whole new septic system. Therefore, a new engineered design was drawn up and we, the buyers, nor our attorney, ever was allowed to see the design even after our attorney expressed our concern to the seller’s attorney that iwe did not want a sand mound leach field in the backyard. One of the main reasons we bought that house was because of the nice flat backyard and we feel that because the landscape has changed from when we first saw it that we want to walk-away from purchase with seller to return all or earnest monies deposit!! This is not what we signed up for as the 30 x 30 raised bed leach field is literally out our back door approx 8 ft from house. I understand why the seller did this because it was cheaper for him, but we don’t want the house now!!!
What is our recourse? Please HELP!!!
Thank you!!!

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