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MA school bus passing law apply to vans?

Just about every day on the way to work I get behind a white van that is marked as bus (has lights on the roof). It takes forever for the kids on this bus to get on and we wait while the parents buckle them in. Does the MA laws about passing a school bus apply to this kind of a van? I have seen other cars drive right by even thought the lights are flashing and I would love to get by the bus so I'm not late for work. What do you think?

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I don't think you really want to know what I think.  However, the answer to your question is:  Yes, you have to stop.  The law applies to all vehicles used as a school bus.  Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 14 uses broad language:

 "When approaching a vehicle which displays a sign bearing the words "SCHOOL BUS'' and which is equipped with front and rear alternating flashing red signal lamps which are flashing, as provided in section seven B, and which has been stopped to allow pupils to alight from or board the same, a person operating a motor vehicle or trackless trolley shall . . . bring his vehicle or trackless trolley to a full stop(.)"

 Come on now.  In my town, the vans are often used for special education students, kids who may, because of their unique challenges, require more time to get on or off the bus.  If it really bothers you, change your schedule a bit to avoid the bus.  For the safety of the kids, and to avoid stiff penalties for illegally passing a school bus, follow the rules.


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