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MA lemon law used car warranty

So this is the situation:

I recently purchased a used 2014 Cadillac ATS with 43000 miles on Mar 31. I initially had to bring the vehicle back for a check engine light. After it was fixed, approximately a month after having the car, the vehicle's radio touch screen cracked while sitting in my driveway on the first warm day of spring. After some research, this is apparently a common defect with Cadillac vehicles. I attempted to have the dealership repair it, however they refused trying to cite that it doesn't fall under the warranty, and instead want to charge me 1500 dollars for the repair.

IMO, it can be argued that the vehicle does fall under the MA lemon law warranty. 1: Many of the car's controls can only be accessed via the touch screen. Heat and a/c modes can only be accessed this way, and many of the car's other features also can only be accessed from the touch screen. 2: the vehicle is equipped with a backup camera. Due to the fact that the cracks in the screen obstruct the backup camera, I feel this can be taken as a safety issue. Since backup cameras are now required on all 2018 and up vehicles, I feel this solidifies the fact it is a safety issue.

Is my chain of thought on this accurate? Will it hold up in court if need be?

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