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Long term marriage, No alimony, child support.

My marriage of 22 years ended in June, 2005, My ex-husband had always been, by far, the major income. I receive no alimony,and got child support for one of my two children. My 18-year-old was leaving for college;before the refusal of alimony,I didn't think it was moral to collect child support on her,as she wouldn't be living with me,although her school was an hour away and I had costs.I've since become disabled,filed for bankruptcy,and will be 60 years in June, 2012, when child support ends. I have a waiver to appeal for alimony. My child support ends in June, 2012. Subsequent to the divorce, I have filed for bankruptcy, and become disabled, among other hardship issues. I will be 60 years old in June 2012. My ex-husband, who has the house, taught my youngest (son) that "I was taking money from Daddy," and now he barely speaks to me, although we share joint custody.
My lawyer advises me to wait until June, when my son graduates from high school and goes straight into the Marines, to appeal for alimony, as she thinks it may jeopardize my child support, on which, along with a small monthly income from SSDI, I depend. I'm currently on a massive job hunt, as I am a freelance proofreader and writer. Do you think I have a chance of collecting alimony? What's your opinion of the timing? (Also, during the divorce proceedings, my ex-husband hired a guardian ad litem who, after one year, came in in favor of me). Thank you for your time and I'm curious to hear your opinion.

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Assuming you hired an experience divorce attorney, and given that she is much more familiar with the facts of your case than I am, I would defer to her judgment with respect to the issue of when to seek alimony or spousal support.  Follow this link for some general information about alimony in Massachusetts.

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