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License suspension/ Warrant/ Probation

I'll try to give all the details I can remember...

Awhile ago I was pulled over for a foglight ticket. Forgot to pay it (This is a huge problem for me as you will soon see...) months later I was pulled over for a license plate bulb being out and my car was towed because of a suspended license. After going to court, I paid the ticket and my license was renewed. For some reason I thought it was over with. I was then pulled over coming out of my then GF's apartment complex because I had out of state plates on my car (I had moved to rhode island at this point but was dating a girl in MA) I found my license suspended by MA AGAIN. This time from the license plate bulb fine that I forgot to pay. I was given 6 months non admin probation by the court along with a $200 fine. After going to the court about the license plate bulb I was given another six months and another $200 fine. Due to some personal matters that no one cares about (My sister's cancer, my then Ex's eviction of her and her two kids) I was unable to pay on time. I'm sure my license is suspended again, and since I've moved back to MA, I need to straighten some things out before me and new GF start things. I have no previous criminal record and all I want to do is get it all sorted out. I know all the state wants is money, my question is, how do I go about correcting this without serving some kind of jail time? I know I'm definitely going to require a lawyer for this one, but which kind and what do they need to know?

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