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Liability for Public Shade Tree

I requested our Tree Warden to remove public trees blocking the line of sight from my driveway each small tree was 60" and 72 "in height and a 24" tree at the base about 60 feet in height due to the curve of the road and hazards of limited sight. The town has stated there is no safety issue and put it in a public hearing which will most likely have me before the selectman who have informed me that due to the letters they have received will not do anything. SO what are my options in court and if an accident occurs here how can I protect myself from lawsuits. Thank you

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As a general rule, for someone to be liable for damages and injury suffered by another person, he must have acted negligently and breached some duty owed to the injured person.  In this case, you have no duty.  You will have no liability for a tree that is not on your property.   You have no control over the tree and, in fact, are not permitted to take the tree down without permission of the owner, the town.  

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