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Lemon aid Law

Hello so i will make this as short and simple as I can.

I sold a vehicle and the purchaser wants a refund. Via the Lemon aid Law. The day after purchase he took the vehicle to a shop and got a quote for repairs and a note stating "vehicle won't pass mass inspection". However he never registered the vehicle therefore he never got an official inspection. So does this not qualify him for a refund via the lemon aid law? . He is saying he is going to take me to court and I really don't want to go that route but I sold him a vehicle for a fair price and made him aware of all of the defects so i feel it is a fair deal and don't want to give him the refund unless I will loose in court because of the "inspection" he got.

Please let me know if he actually has a case against me because what I am reading it says he must go in for an inspection and be rejected and it's just not to clear to me so please advise!

Thank you!

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Submitted Fri, 03/10/2017 - 09:12

Massachusetts does not allow owners to sell cars "as is." What this means, is that while you are required to disclose everything you know that's wrong with a car when you sell it, you cannot disclaim problems that will prevent a car from passing an inspection. If the shop that did the report is a registered inspection location, it's highly likely that these repairs entitle him to a refund. The safest thing to do here, to avoid being sued, is to refund the money and re-sell the car after fixing issues that prevent it from passing inspection.

Atty. David Owens

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