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Legality of requiring renters to have their automobile registered to apartments address?

I am currently renting a unit in a condo association in MA. I recently received notice that I must provide the registration of the two vehicles that I have for the two parking spots that I rent through the association. In the document, the condo association required that the two cars be registered to the apartments address. I recently moved to MA, and my roommates are both students, none of us are from MA and therefore our cars are not registered in MA. Can the condo association legally require that my automobiles are registered in MA, they are currently registered in other New England states? Thank you very much.

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I do not have an answer for you, but I find it difficult to believe that such a policy can be enforced.  As you point out, there are legitimate situations where a person may be living in MA, as a student for example, while maintaining their automobile and driver's license in a different state.  Have you discussed the issue with your landlord and the condominium association?

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