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Legal Question - Loan Scam - Who do I go after?

Can anyone help me with this legal matter?

I lost some money in the following matter, can anyone tell me what to do, and/or who is liable and if I can file civil and criminal charges?

I contacted LOAN BROKER #1 for a loan, LOAN BROKER #1 told me that there was an upfront fee involved and that I had to send a wire transfer to one of his funding sources ,(LOAN BROKER #2).

I wired money to LOAN BROKER #2.

LOAN BROKER #2 says that he forwarded the funds to another person, but cannot show proof of this transfer to a third party.

LOAN BROKER #2 hasn't provided me with a loan or a refund or proof that my funds were sent to a third person. It has been over 1 year.

What can I do? Who do I go after?

Who can I go after?

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