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Leaseholder is trying to evict me

I need some legal advice regarding my living arrangements. I currently sub-lease from the lease-holder of an apartment in Watertown, who sub-leases from the Landlord of this property.

The lease-holder has created a hostile environment for me since I've started living there, and has twice now barged into my room yelling and swearing regarding misunderstandings. She has given me an "eviction notice" telling me to be gone by thirty days.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure this is illegal, since she has no reason for evicting me. I keep completely to myself in the apartment, pay rent on time, never damaged anything in the apartment, and never interrupted her private time in the apartment the way she has done to me. Her hostility has kept me out of the common rooms, and I've never engaged in any kind of disruptive behavior like playing loud music or otherwise being a nuisance. She thinks that misunderstandings about chores she refuses to compromise or talk to me about is enough to kick me out.

The thing is, I'm happy to leave. I don't like living with her, but I don't want to acquiesce to her bullying until I have found another place to live. But realistically, I need to look out for myself. The Landlord has turned a blind eye, having never met me and has told me that the lease he signed for the apartment I live in is with the lease-holder, and not with me, and therefore not his problem.

Is there grounds for suing her? Should I pursue suing, if I plan to leave anyways? Or is the completely out of my hands, and I just have to risk homelessness because the lease-holder's bullying is legally justified?

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