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Lawyer for consumer complaint case in MA

I used the form demand letter I found on your site and sent a letter to a used car dealer for a claim I have. I thought I'd handle it myself but now I wonder if I should get an lawyer because we're talking about several thousand dollars here and the dealer never responded to my letter. Can I hire an attorney at any time or is it too late because I sent the letter myself? Would the lawyer have to send the letter again?

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No, it is not too late to hire a lawyer.  For those with consumer complaints who are reading this post and have not yet sent a demand letter, I recommend talking to a consumer law attorney before sending a demand letter pursuant to the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (93A).  Especially when your complaint deals with a fairly large sum of money, the treble damages and attorney's fee provisions of 93A can help defray or eliminate the cost of legal representation.  And, let's face it:  Human nature being what it is, individuals and businesses are more likely (I believe) to take a demand letter more seriously when it arrives on the letterhead of a lawyer.  It shows that the consumer is serious and intends to pursue the matter vigorously.  In your case, the attorney will not need to send a second letter, unless she discovers some defect with the demand letter you sent.  Good luck with your claim.


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