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Landlord won't renew lease and we want to stay

We have been in our building for over 3 years and paid rent on time every single month. We expressed verbally many months ago that we would probably be leaving after our lease ends in 2 months however we decided we would like to stay and renew. Our landlord says he won't. He won't cite a reason either even with two months left. Do we have any rights as to a reason? a time period beyond the end of the lease?

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Unless you have some language in your lease that allows you to exercise an option to renew, the landlord is not under any obligation to renew the lease.  Nor is the landlord required to disclose a reason for refusing to renew the lease.  For more general information, search our posts in the Landlord and Tenant Discussion Forum.

What if I added two new elements to the equation: The first is that we never received a signed copy of the when we moved in at the beginning of the lease. The second element is that we are within the six-month period of having called the state on him for heat and leaking ceiling issues which he was ordered to repair.

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