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Is a landlord required to notify a renter of asbestos?

Can anyone tell me if a landlord is required to notify a tenant that asbestos containing building materials are present in an apartment? If the asbestos materials are in good condition and present no hazard, is a landlord still required to notify a tenant (for example, in the lease)?

Many thanks.

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As far as I know, there is no law or regulation in Massachusetts that requires a landlord to notify a tenant about the presence of asbestos in a rental unit.  However, the landlord is required to maintain all asbestos material in good repair and free of cracks, tears or other defects that could allow asbestos dust or particles to be released.  (See 105 CMR 410.750(M) "Conditions Deemed to Endanger or Impair Health or Safety")   If you know of any asbestos covered pipes or insulation in your unit that appear to be in poor shape, and the landlord refuses to rectify the situation, you can force the landlord to make repairs by contacting the inspectional authority in your city or town.

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