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Landlord moving in a new tenant into my apartment without notice!!

I have been living a townhouse with 2 other people. Two of us signed the lease and the other signed an agreement. The lease and agreement expired last December. We have been living at will for the last 9 months.
I have recently got engaged and told my roommates I would be leaving after I found another job. My roommates called the LL and asked if another person could move into the spare bedroom in our place. I had already told my Roommates this was not an option due to my furniture occupying the extra room and due to the fact I have no idea when I am leaving. When I called the landlord to speak with her about my rights as a tenant and told her I would be moving out of state at some point. She was very rude and told me I must give her 60 days notice. I informed her the law required 30 days for a tenant at will.
She then called both of my roommates and said she was sending out a lease for October 1st and 3 people must be on the lease. She said it was ok for this other person to move in (regardless of what I think) on the 1st but has yet to notify me. Is this legal? I feel she is retaliating against me and has no right to do this as a landlord.

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