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Landlord Inspecting the Outside of the building without notice?

We had a bizarre issue happen last night. We have rented a single family home for the past 3 years. We pay our rent early every month, and keep the home in impeccable condition, so an oddity like this has never happened. Last night my daughter was woken up well after 8pm by a man shining a light on the outside of the building into her window, and snapping pictures. I was home alone with the two kids, so it was disturbing. I went out to ask the man what he was doing, and he told me he was an agent for the property owner and had been asked to come out to make sure the building was maintained. The property owner is out of state, but we do have a semi local property manager. This man was not someone employed by that company, and we were not given any sort of indication that an inspection was happening, and it was nighttime and he scared my kids so I asked the man to leave. He refused to leave, again saying he had every right to be there. At this point, I took down his license plate number, which man the man REALLY angry and a passenger of the vehicle got out and was very menacing to me again stressing that they were agents of the property owner, and I had no right to ask them to leave. I finally threatened to call the police, and the two men sped off.

The property owner has a long history of problems, but the property managers she hired have been the picture of professionalism. When I called the property manager after the men left, he indicated that he had not sent anybody out and that it was probably the property owner's friends checking up on the place.
Is the property owner allowed to do this? Those men were outside, shining lights in the windows and taking pictures. Thank GOD we were decent in here!!! It was just so creepy to do late at night, with no notice on a Saturday evening. My daughter was scared, and to be honest, he scared the crap out of me too

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