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Landlord "Inspecting" excessively

We moved into a single family home 6 months ago, and while the lamdlords seemed nice at first it has turned into a living nightmare.
First off, they fundamentally lied about the condition of the place. We have had over 300 dollars in water bills because EVERY faucet leaks or outright runs and is impossible to turn all the way off. We have also gone through 2/3 of a tank of heating oil because the doors literally blow open. The landlord himself has done the bulk of the repairs himself over time, and he is not handy. At all. This is not even the WORST problem.
The landlord has insisted on inspecting the place 6 times since we moved in. He usually comes over under another pretense, but it almost immediately turns into a half hour long walking inspection. He did a "formal" inspection just around Halloween and at that time laughingly said he was checking up to make sure we were not "up to anything" in the house. Then he explained that they had bad tenants before so they are understandably worried.
Now he is demanding to do another one. Every time he comes he comes when it is patently the worst time for my family. He gives us a choice, either 9pm at night on a school night OR 8am on a Saturday. Then once he's here, he is not fast OR quiet. My kids have missed school because he had to do an inspection at night on a school night once, he woke them both up crashing around and they were far too tired the following day. He has intruded on family days, my birthday..... I do not have time for this now. I tried pushing back, but he just insists that as long as he gives 48 hours notice we have no choice and he does not think his every few weeks check ins were excessive.

How many visits is TOO MANY for a landlord?

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