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As a Landlord, do I have reason to terminate the lease?

I'm a landlord in MA.
I had a couple and 4 kids move into the apartment that we vacated in our 2-family home. Apparently last night the husband got drunk (DUI to boot) and then came home and (long story short) managed to get the cops called in for domestic reasons and got taken away in cuffs. His wife got a quick restraining order this morning and is moving out.
She wants her name off the lease.
They were both on the lease.
I know he doesn't make enough money to pay the lease alone.
Is the lease already broken by the fact that she wants to be off of it? Can I just tell him he can't stay on the lease alone or does he have the right to stay? I want him out, so basically I'm looking to evict him, but I'm not sure if I have that right yet since he hasn't defaulted on any rent...yet.

Thanks for any insights.

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