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Landlord charging for partial water bill after being here since 2009

I moved into a single family house with my elderly mother and aunt in 2009 June the lease stated we pay the utilities and snow removal and upkeep of yard . In March there was a fire we had to move out of the house until repairs were done we moved back in December 2010 before the fire I had done work to make the home more comfortable with land lord permission which included 2 new toilets 2 new bathroom sinks new facets new lighting new flooring painted all the rooms spent a few thousand dollars used his plumber electrician for installing . The fire was contained to one room my bedroom but there was smoke and water damage to the rest c of the house. When we moved back in the electrical system had been replaced everything I put in was gone replaced with the least expensive supplies possible I paid $450 for Kohler toilets replaced with ,$68 standard toilets I spent $150 on facets $100 on shower heads all replaced with cheapest Available . In 2011 he started complaining we were using to much water but the bill only went up in summer time the year we moved in I used a ton of water to clean cement walks drive way gardens twice as much as in 2011. 2012 still complaining I said fine I'll pay anything over the amount ur willing to pay in summer I had replanted the entire lawn at my expense after the fire .2013 2014 still complaining but I didn't pay any extra in 2015 he really started getting angry said every month I was using g more water than the house next door he owns that has 3 as many people . I asked how can that be have the rates gone up no he replied . This year same thing and he gave me a hand written bill for 2015 of what he wanted me to pay. I ignored it a few months and finally went to city hall . They brought up the account they said our water usage was average for 3 adults but in 2015 Jan the rates had increased. . When we moved in on 2009 the rent was a 1800 when we moved back in he raised the rent to 2100 then in 2014 he raised it to 2400 . We are all on fixed incomes I take good care of the property inside and out upgrade and repair at my expense . This summer not good I was sick didnt b do anything g to yard no watering at all and the bills are still more than he wants to pay. I'm afraid if I refuse he will up the rent again more than the water bill . We are month to month to month now no lease . Should I just be quiet and pay the extra he wanted me to pay the whole bill I flatly refused . Last year it was an extra $450 it's not a lot of money but on fixed incomes no pensions save gs it's getting hard . Thank you steven

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