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Landlord charging new tenant for furniture left behind

I moved into a new apartment where the prior tenant had left behind a couple of pieces of furniture. The landlord told me that the former tenant wanted money for them and as they were nice pieces I told the landlord I would pay 100 dollars for both items.

The landlord told me a few hours later he had talked to the tenant and that she would take the offer. I never heard anything back and the furniture stayed in the apartment. A few days later the landlord came back again asking for the money. Something seemed shady so I told him I would send the money to the prior tenant directly if he gave me her contract info.

A few hours later I got a text message from the prior tenant saying that the land lord had instructed her to write saying that I should pay the landlord the money to offset a bill he was charging her for leaving items behind.

I called and spoke with her after this and found out the landlord had never talked to her about me paying 100 for the furniture and that she had never asked for any money for the items to begin with.

What options for recourse are available to me. I feel this is fraudulent behavior on the landlords part and would like to know what steps I should take in regard to this scenario.

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