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Juvenile question

My son was visiting a local skating center with a group of his friends. When he entered approximately 10 minutes- he and his friends were pulled into the managers office with an on duty police officer who I guess was doing a detail. The manager stated that prior to pulling them in the guest leaving who had a private party prior to the public skate stopped the police officer and stated that while in the parking lot she heard the group state that they've smoked weed and had additional weed in their backpack not to worry about supply - she also stated the lady described those kids. While in the office The manager asked them if they had weed on the premises - all denied and even emptied their pockets - my son stated that he had his backpack and offered to get it and was told Yes - he stated the police officer followed a few minutes later and stopped him at the restroom while holding his bag - and the police officer asked him why he was in the bathroom with his bag - my son stated he went to the bathroom- and he said the police officer asked him again why was he in the bathroom, and where did he keep the bag before going into the bathroom - my son returned to the office where his friends were with his bag. He stated that he did open the bag - although not asked to do so by the officer and said "see nothing" he stated that the officer said he smelt a strong odor of weed, my son stated it was his shoes in the bag. After they instructed him to leave the bag in the office while they skate - as the manager didn't want it on the floor just in case there were things in the bag. I guess throughout the night they were spoken to a number of times regarding their behavior and then at the end of the skate time they were approached by the manager and told that they were trespasses for behavior, this was after the officer came to them and stated that they were close to being kicked out due to behavior and to respect the business and their rules to avoid any trouble with the business. So, my question is this, did the police have the right to question the group about the weed being in the bag, after they were told by the other customer of what she heard? Second did the police have a right to keep the bag in the office and not allow it on the floor, and return it at the end of the night?

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