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Job elimination during leave. Won WC case against retailer and am told I dont qualify for my severance

Worked in retail for 17 years. Hard worker, dedicated, loved my job. Got hurt doing a department of clothing move and was out on Workers Comp. was on short term dissablity and many health issues have followed. During my leave, HR called and said that once I received clearance to return to work, my position has been elliminated and I will qualify for a severance package because of my years of service.

I settled suit with the retailer for compensation to my workmans comp injuries. I'm now filing for permanent dissability as I am not in a position to work and dont have doctor's clearance to work. I called my HR rep and said the leave has ended but I wont be returning to work because I dont have clearance. The retailor stated they need a "return date" to enter in the system and because I/my doctors couldnt provide that, I dont qualify for my severance pacakage.

Please help! Thanks

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