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International Divorce and MA comity

My (now ex) wife and I moved to Japan in Oct, 2007. She is Japanese, I am American. We resided in MA for almost 10 years and were married there and in Japan. I may move back to MA someday, but she will not and has lost residency status in the USA.

After returning to Japan things went sour and we eventually divorced after 1 year separation. We were divorced in Feb, 2010. It was an uncontested divorce and there was no animosity. All matters were amicably settled.

My question is considering residency and comity, what do I have to do to get my divorce registered in MA? I have the divorce decree and an official certified translation. I'd rather not be listed as married to her forever, particularly as I may want to remarry (and so might she).

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Interesting question, but one that is, sadly, way beyond my experience.  However, I'm confident a MA divorce attorney can tell you exactly what steps, if any, you should take to put your mind at ease. 

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