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Improvement or Maintenance or something else

Our condo development was completed over a long period of time. 10 Units have wood (versus composite) railings and risers versus the composite used for the balance of the development.

In addition, 4 units only have a hand rail and post (no railing around the porch) whereas, all of the rest of the units have composite rails around the porch (which is an easement). The board agreed that as the wooden elements needed replacement, we would not only use composite but also would add rails to match the rest of the development. According to the Master Deed, the units should be "identical."

We replaced the composite and added the rails on one unit and a group of members were outraged, claiming that they shouldn't need to pay for the rails. Others feel uniformity would enhance the entire property. There are some other non-common elements that are maintained with common assessments (fireplace vents or not, bulk head painting or not).

Some members want to add the rails to match and assess the related unit owner for the cost.

Can the board add the rails as part of maintenance or is it required to get an "improvement" vote?

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