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Illegal apartment and validity of lease

I am under a lease contract that will expire in 4 months. I recently learned that the apartment is illegal while trying to get parking permits from the town (they said that my apartment is not on the list of legal residents and that this is a single family house not approved for multiple family dwelling). I was never told by landlord or realtor of tthis. As a result, I do not have entitlement to a town guest parking pass (landlord lives downstairs and uses only issues one per legal household) and I can only obtain 1 parking sticker (if this were legal resident I could have 2, which I need for my daughter). My question: can I walk away from lease (I will give them 60 days notice) and not be held liable for the remaining two months to the lease? My reasoning is that the contract should be voided since it is illegal apartment and secondly they withheld this info from me when I signed the lease and it has resulted in denying me important benefits from town if it were legal.

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