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If I lose my social security card, how do I replace lost card?

I can't find my social security card and I assume it's gone for good. Can you tell me what I need to do to replace it with a new one? I'm asking because I'm going to apply for SSDI and was wondering if I'll need the card. Also, is there a fee or some limit to the number of times I can get it replaced? Not that I plan on losing the card again, but . . .

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It's pretty easy to get a new social security card.  However, if you know the number, you don't really need the actual card, even if you are applying for SSDI.  Simply call your local Social Security Administration office and request an Application for Social Security Card (Form SS-5).  Ask them which documents you will need to send along with the application (you will need to document your identity, citizenship, or work status if not a citizen).  I do not know where you live, but I have included the address and phone number of the Boston and Worcester Social Security offices, below.  You can also request the application online and find more information about the process of obtaining a replacement card. 
ROOM 148
BOSTON, MA 02222
51 Myrtle St
Worcester, MA 01608-2027
(508) 753-4105
In answer to your other questions, there is no fee and you are entitled to up to three replacement cards in a year and 10 during your lifetime.  I think that should be enough for you.  Remember, you don't really need to bring your card in your purse or wallet.  Simply leave it at home in a safe place.

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