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I owe a lawyer firm money and they are holding my drivers license until I pay more than my contract states.

I have a law firm in massachusetts holding my drivers license hostage. I have attempted to on several occasions to pay them what my contract states and every time I try, they try to force me to pay a 12% monthly fee. I have researched the law in this fact and found out that they can not charge me monthly but annually. I also have read and seem to understand that the law in massachusetts states that in order for them to obtain this 12% interest, would be for the firm to take me in front of a judge and show that i have not paid allowing them to charge me the 12% annually. where they have not done this and I have never been to court ( for any of this ) I am wondering how do i get my license back. I currently live in Nevada and dont have the money to fly home and deal with this.
I also have a signed contract by their firm that states nothing about 12% interest. I have tried to state this and the law to them and they keep telling me that the law is on there side in this and i should just pay it. My Contract states that i pay half of the balance $900.00 and they will release my license, which they did. It also states that i pay the remainder of $900.00 and the matter will be settled. But when i tried to pay the remainder that is when this 12% came about. I was not aware of this and it has now been 4 years since this all started. after which i refused to pay the extra balance I was told that they would take my license away again. I need my license to obtain a job in my field and as i have not been able to get mine back and there is no hardship license programs here in nevada i have been forced to get a minimum wage job where i have been barely able to pay for food and a place to live.
I am thinking of suing them because of a lawyer i talked to and was told that there ability to hold my license has made it impossible for me to obtain a job where i can afford to pay them back. I was told that this would be a law suit in getting money i have lost out on while they have held my license hostage.

This settlement was done very shady as my court hearing came and went and i was notified 3 days after my court date. When I called the supreme court of boston I was told that because i did not show up that i was in default and regardless of when i was summoned I should have been in court. I asked how i was supposed to be in court if i did not know i was summoned and again was told it was not there problem. Also I was under the impression that this case was supposed to be handled in a court of which the offense took place. Where I was not in boston at the time and was on cape cod this case should have been handled there. I also had the police officer that should up to the accident willing to go on my behalf to dispute that there was no damage to either car as we were sitting in traffic when i rolled into the car in front of me. Also this was a small claims suit that was taken to the supreme court? Why?

Please help me with any advice possible as I would like to get my license back and be able to work again to make moeny to pay off everything else that has no been impossible for me to pay.

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Sorry about your situation.  I am not familiar with the collection practice employed by the attorney/firm and know nothing of the legality of it.  However, you can contact the MA Board of Bar Overseers to ask about the practice and to file a complaint, if neccesary.  Good luck.

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