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I cant afford a lawyer and no one will do it for free

I dont know what to do. I thought that I could fix things with responsibility, but so far, nothing. I have paydays that I cant pay and bank account is always 0. They keep taking money -- bankruptcy? Should I do it on my own?

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Yes, you are able to file bankruptcy without an attorney. However, I do not recommend that you do so. There are too many things that a novice filer may miss and therefore, not have that debt discharged. If you own real estate, do not try to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy without legal counsel. Second, have an attorney look at your situation as a whole. There may be other options before filing bankruptcy is necessary. I recommend you resume the search for an attorney. I cannot answer much more without better knowledge of your situation.

Attorney Andrew Bucklin

Submitted Thu, 12/11/2014 - 12:48

Bankruptcy is very complicated and I would never advise anyone to attempt to do it yourself. There are simply too many things that you need to know in order to make the right choices within filing a bankruptcy petition. With that said there are numerous legal clinics that help indigent clients in your particular situation. I would spend time searching online for various locations that can help someone in your situation.

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