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I bought a defective new vehicle and dealer will not replace it

I bought a new car from the VW dealer in Auburn, MA. Last week I discovered the car was leaking water from the front windshield. When I discovered it the whole driver side area front and back was covered in water up to the carpet since the weather was above freezing that day and all the water(ice) melted. I brought the car back to the dealer for inspection and they said a seal was missing and that they will fix it. At that point I figured the car has been putting water inside for 4 months now since I bought it four months ago. I drive that car every day and stay in it for about 5 hours a day. A potential mold growth is possible which is a serious health condition and lately I had most of the mold symptoms. Another thing is corrosion. It's been soaked in water for 4 month now with all the electric wires going underneath the carpet. Dealer said they will fix it under warranty. My insurance wants to stay out of it since the warranty is still in place and obviously it is a manufacturers defect. The thing is that I don't feel safe in that car any longer. Dealer does not want to provide me with a new vehicle and said they will guarantee it up until the original warranty expires 3 years or 36K miles which leaves me about 9 months of coverage since I drive a lot. The car may be fine now but I am not safe in it in the future since mold and corrosion once started are hard to control and can be very potential unsafe factors in a vehicle.
Can I sue them to provide me another new clean vehicle? Once the results from the doctor office come out for the mold infection, can I ask for compensation?
Any idea would be greatly appreciated since I paid almost $30,000 for that vehicle and I don't want to be left with a potential future piece of unsafe junk.

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It's not clear to me if the MA lemon law comes into play, both because of the time-frame and the nature of the defect.  I have never practiced consumer protection law, but my gut tells me that you are correct:  Once wires and connections get wet, or once mold starts to grow under a carpet, you have a serious problem.  Given the amount of money involved, I do not think you will get the dealer/manufacturer to address the problems in a meaningful way until they hear from an attorney.  I would contact a consumer protection lawyer, run the facts by her, and see what she says.  Most will offer a free consultation. 

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