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How to sell a car in private party car sales in Massachusetts

I sold a car over a year ago. I recently received a certified letter from a tow company demanding a tow fee and storage charges. Apparently the individual whom I sold the car to never registered the vehicle. I am interested to see how this is gonna pan out although I would certainly rather have not had this happen at all. But this does lead me to wonder, in Massachusetts what are my legal responsibilities when I sell a car?

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Interesting question.  Here is how I sell my cars:  Always use a bill of sale to document the sale.  Before you sign over the title, make sure you get the buyer's signature on the bill of sale. You can find a bill of sale online, but make sure it includes the names and addresses of both parties, VIN number of the vehicle, odometer reading, sales amount, and date of the sale.

Then, after you and the buyer have signed the bill of sale and the title, make copies of both sides of both documents.  Keep those copies in a safe place.  Then, as in your case, if someone tries to hold you responsible for an abandoned vehicle you have proof that the car is longer your property.  Finally, anyone who sells a car in Massachusetts should be aware of the MA lemon aid law.  Good luck.  

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