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How much will lawyer cost for Social Security Disability claim?

I read your other answers and I believe I'd be better off with an lawyer to help me with my Social Security Disability claim. But seeing as I dont have money I don't get how that will work. How much will it cost me to get a lawyer and how can I pay that? Does the goverment provide lawyers for SSDI claims?

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Lawyers in Massachusetts who do SSDI claim work offer free initial consultations, to talk about your case and discuss the probability of success.  After that, under rules established by the Social Security Administration, your attorney works, essentially,on a contingency arrangement and can only collect if your case is won.  At that point the fee is based on 25% of the back-pay received by you, not on a percentage of future benefits.  Furthermore, no matter how much you are awarded in back pay, the attorney you hire cannot, in any case, collect more than $6,000 in fees.  So, in my opinion, it is definitely worth looking into getting an attorney to help you out.  Good luck

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