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How long is wait for SSDI hearing in Massachusetts?

I read you other post about how long the waiting time for a hearing on SSDI can be but I was wondering if you have any info about Boston specifically. Is the wait time better or worse in Boston than in other places? Thanks.

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The Social Security Administration does post statistics regarding the average processing time (in days) for each Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.  For the Boston Office, the actual wait for a hearing (how many days from the date of requesting the hearing until a decision is made), is just about average when compared with all other Offices.  the rankings published at the end of February 2011 showed that the wait for a hearing at the Boston office was 335 days.  That sounds pretty bad, but it's good enough to earn the Boston Office the rank of 61 out of 151 Offices.  As discussed in other posts, there really is not any effective way to speed up the hearing process for SSDI appeals.  So I guess we should be thankful we do not live in Dayton, Ohio (526 days).  Hope that helps.

Hello, I just went through the whole SSDI application and appeal process in western MA. I first applied on Dec. 9, 2009 I was denied about a year later. I than filed an appeal. I finally received a court date for the appeal a year and six months later. My lawyer than had to request another date due to one of my Doctors not providing the needed medical records. The new appeal court date was for 2 months later than the original one. So in short I was finally approved on April 26, 2012. I'm still waiting for my benefits to begin. I was told I would be receiving my monthly benefits starting June 20th. Apparently I qualified for Supplemental Security Income as well as SSDI and I should be receiving my first payment in the next day or two. SSI splits up the retro payments and pays them every 3 months. (A SSI representative told me this yesterday) SSDI is supposed to pay in one lump sum. I wont/don't believe it till it's deposited in my account. I hope this bit of info helps.

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