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How long should my SSDI application approval take?

I'm just wondering because I've read and heard different things but it seems like my SSDI application is taking longer than I thought it would and longer than my friends application took. Does that mean anything? Does it mean I am more or less likely to get approved?

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Probably not.  The length of time it takes for your Social Security Disability claim to be approved or rejected varies and is not relevant to the ultimate outcome.  Differences in processing time may result from, among other things, living in a state that has a high caseload (or a bigger population), the type of disability involved (psychiatric disabilities often take longer), the caseload of the specific disability examiner who is assigned your case, and delays in receiving medical records.  However, it is OK to call the local Social Security Office to confirm that they have received your application and all supporting documentation.  For more information, visit our Massachusetts Disability Discussion Forum. 

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