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Hourly worker laid off with no cause

I was recently laid off Friday the 3rd to be exact. I had not finished the week off and was told that i was being laid off due to lack of work. This being said am I allowed to collect the last 8 hours of what would have been the end of my work week? And the second question here, I was hired by this very company over 5 months ago and according to their company/employment handbook, all employees are to receive a review of job performance after 3 months to determine how well my job was going, with a possible raise. I was there for the time plus and never received a review and was wondering what actions can be taken in a case like this? Thank you for your time.

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Honestly, if you are an at-will hourly worker, you should probably just let this go.  Massachusetts employers can terminate at-will employees for any legal, non-discriminatory reason.  If they terminated you on Friday, I don't see why they would have to pay you for Saturday.  However, if you want to ask some specific questions about your treatment, you can try the Attorney General's fair labor hotline at 617-727-3465.  Good luck.

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