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Hostile environment

I recently quit my job due to a hostile environment. In general the anger wasn't towards me but the actions of the owner caused so much emotional distress to me and my co-workers that it was impossible to continue working there. Between the screaming, swearing, temper tantrums and throwing stuff in the office where his daughter and I were the only workers I could no longer be in that environment. Threats to fire everyone, shut the place down, telling the workers they are no good and much more went on. The owner has a morphine pump and lives on percaset which I have even witnessed him giving it employees as well. Even his son who is a drug addict, the last time he did it he ended up in a fist fight with him. I can go on and on with issues. He would make one of the guys drive his can to do jobs antenna though the inspection sticker was 2 years old, transmission was not working, fan was not working, smashes windshield and broken side view mirror. The guy told him he wasn't using it until it was fixed and the owner called him a pussy. Anyway, on top of all that the workplace is not up to standards for OSHA which could cause injuries (actually recently one employee ended up with 2nd degree burns and the owner was more concerned with what went wrong and not if the employee was okay). There is NO hot running water in the bathrooms, he does not supply toiletries to the bathroom all the guys in the shop use, does not clean the bathroom and it smells like a sewer, cons them into working way too many hours without pay or says we will figure something out. He takes advantage of them also because they are illegal immigrants. He also has the company under 3 different names to spread out how many employees work there so he doesn't have to offer health insurance.

Is there anything that can be done? I filed for unemployment because of the hostile environment and the company told them I left to get food stamps. Of course unemployment didn't want to hear my side of the story, kept cutting me off and looks like I am out of luck.

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