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Hired as Sales Rep non exempt Hourly plus commission- Paycheck says different

I'm concerned about my companies commission structure. My supervisor told me I earn a "base" or "draw" of $400 for 40hrs of work. I also earn commission, anywhere from $85 to $110 per sale. I do not start earning commission until I meet my base of salary $1745 for the month (per commission report).

Let's say I earn $500 of increased pay through commission from 20 new member sold. The following month (within 30 days). I have 3 people cancel that result in -$300(minus) taken from my next month.

I guess my question is if my orginal paperwork said I earned $10 an hr wouldn't I have gotten my base anyway? So each member would be $500 / 20 = $25 per sale.
It seems like a hybrid system that can deduct full amount of $85- $100 even though the true value isn't because I'm not being paid 100% commission.

So if I do not meet my draw of $1745 each month I earn a rate of $800 on my check. I was also a bit curious as to why it wasn't 80hrs at $10 rate. The new hire paperwork I have says it is paid per hour not a "base" or "draw" of $400 like my supervisor says.

Our commissions are paid after the month is up. This month is a good example actually. We got paid on 5/31 every other friday. My pay period also ended on 5/31, but I will not be paid until 6/15 for commissions earned. Isn't it supposed to be 6 days after your pay period?

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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