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Hiding assets and division for Massachusetts divorce

My husband has filed for divorce and has retained an attorney. He is the part owner of a family business and has been the one to work outside of the house for over 14 years while I helped raise the kids. My question is, what should I be doing to help me figure out the asset division and make sure that I get a fair share. I'm concerned that, because I have not been involved with the financial end of our relationship, that my husband could hide things from me. Any ideas about this?

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Submitted Sun, 07/10/2011 - 18:06

Your husband assets are discoverable through a variety of methods. It is important that you contact a divorce attorney because we have experience with this situation. It is also important to remember that this situation has happened to many other hard working mothers in the past and you are not alone.

As soon as you retain your MA divorce attorney (I'm sure you know, given your concerns at this point, that the attorney is a must.), she will likely tell you to start organizing and copying your financial records and documents.  You will need such things as your monthly bills, credit card and bank statements, information about retirement accounts, property deeds and mortgage statement and balances, tax returns for at least five years, and any insurance information, such as home and life insurance.  If, for some reason, you are unable to find this information, or your husband has it and refuses to provide it, don't worry.  Your attorney can help you obtain the records through the discovery process.

Given your fairly complicated financial situation (the family business) your attorney may also recommend that you retain a forensic accountant, a professional who can examine your financial situation and that of the family business to ensure that your husband is properly disclosing all relevant information.  I hope that helps.  Just let me emphasize that you really have nothing to worry about.  Most experienced divorce lawyers have seen all the tricks and, if your husband attempts to deceive you, you and your attorney will figure it out.  Good luck.


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