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Is a health insurance provider obligated to inform a customer of termination of coverage prior to termination?

My wife had health insurance via the Health Connector in June. I finished grad school and got a job, and informed the Health Connector that our income had increased; they told me that we no longer qualified for their coverage. I was told our coverage would run through July, so my wife kept her two appointments in early July. We were later informed that our insurance would not cover the July appointments, as our insurance had expired at the end of June. This contradicts what we were initially told, although I understand it's not a solid case to simply say "I was told ___."

On the other hand, if there is a legal obligation for an insurance company to provide notice of coverage termination (and I think it's reasonable for such a requirement to exist - can you really end coverage without informing the customer???) I have grounds to make a challenge. If anyone knows that this requirement exists, please let me know. Thank you sincerely for your help.

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