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Health Insurance after a Massachusetts Uncontested Divorce

Hi Everyone,

For the last 11 years I had been covered under my spouse's employer provided health insurance. As our separation agreement was being drafted, she checked with her CT employer if I would still eligible for health coverage under her plan. Apparently, her HR person told her that I would not be able to be covered.

We are both residents of Massachusetts. After doing some research, I think that I still may be eligible to be covered. Our separation agreement has language that states that so long as she is eligible for coverage, she shall maintain and keep in force such policy or equivalent, for my benefit, as long as I am eligible. I don't have a copy of the health plan.

Do you think that, as a MA resident, I should still be eligible for coverage under her employer plan? What questions should I ask her to pose to her employer to clarify this.

Thank you for the help!

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