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Guardian of property or guardian of person

I've been doing some research on the Internet about the process of having a guardian appointed for my mother and was wondering if you could clarify the difference between a guardian of the property and a guardian of the person? It sounds obvious, but do they overlap? Can one person be both in MA?

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When a petition for guardianship is filed, the court will consider all of the facts and circumstances before making a decision about whether to appoint a guardian.  In some cases, only a guardian of the ward's property is required: someone who can help with the ward's finances by taking control of his or her assets and managing them.  In other cases, such as where a person becomes gravely ill, is unable to communicate, and has not executed a Health Care Proxy, the court may appoint a guardian of the person to make health care decisions and/or determine where the ward will live during her illness.
Now, however, under the new Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (which I believe will be found in the Massachusetts General Laws as Chapter 190B), if both types of guardians are required, then two petitions must be filed and two appointments are required.  The terminology is also a bit different.  Now, a guardian of the property is referred to as a conservator.

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