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Grounds for annulment in Massachusetts

I have been married for 5 years in Massachusetts, we have yet to consummate the marriage, because of psycological reasons on my wife,s part. We would like to annul the marriage, is this permissible??

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Certainly there is precedent for annulling a marriage based on a failure or inability to consummate.  Depending on the circumstances, you might also argue that there was fraud in the inducement to the marriage (Follow this link to another post regarding the grounds for annulment under Massachusetts law).  However, my understanding of annulment law in Massachusetts is that it is not favored by MA courts, and it is typically easier to file for divorce. 

I understand you may have reasons for preferring to obtain an annulment, so I would encourage you to talk to an attorney with a good deal of experience with annulment and/or divorce in Massachusetts for a more complete analysis of your situation.  Good luck.

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