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Good Cause attributable to your employer to quit your job?

Is being harrased and physically threatened by a supervisor at your workplace a good reason to quit your job? can i collect unemployment benefits?

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There is Massachusetts case law that explains the issue like this:  You (the claimant for benefits) "bear the burden of proving either that he left his employment for good cause attributable to the employing unit, or that his reason for leaving was of an urgent, compelling, and necessitous nature that would render his departure involuntary." Sohler v. Director of the Div. of Employment Sec., 377 Mass. 785 (1979).

It would be silly for me to try to guess what the outcome of your claim would be.  I suggest you talk to a Massachusetts employment law attorney, not just because she can review the facts and give you an educated answer regarding your question, but because she could discuss with you whether you might have a claim against your employer (for harassment).  Good luck.

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